"I have used Mariana's translation services in different opportunities for global gatherings. Participants were from all corners of the world and every time, Mariana delivered superb results where participants appreciated and always rated her translation services very high. I fully endorse Mariana's services as a translator."

Mario Lima - National Director (Guatemala) at ChildFund International

"Mariana is without question the best interpreter I have worked with in over 15 years of conducting international training and consultancy. Throughout an intense and lengthy workshop in El Salvador on sensitive themes, not only did she tirelessly capture the nuance and spirit of what was being said, she also maintained warmth and good humour at all times, putting us all at ease and ensuring that the work flowed smoothly. I have the highest personal and professional regard for her, and recommend her without hesitation."

Linnea  Renton / independent consultant on HIV, gender and human rights

"I have had to work with translation services countless times in the course of my work, and Mariana is one of the very best. I worked with her extensively on brand projects and NPD in Central America, principally in the beer category. Mariana's mastery of language is unquestionable and this is coupled with genuine professionalism and a warm, engaging personality. Beyond translation, Mariana is able to provide you with the insights behind the words - those all important A-Ha! moments that make the difference for the business. I would recommend Mariana without reservation."

Mark Steele-Mortimer - Director, The Grove Partnership

"Mariana served as a personal interpreter and translator in Spanish and English for me during a research project in El Salvador funded by the U.S. Department of State. This was a very complex project involving numerous interviews, review of documents, presentations and discussions over a period of one week. Mariana was an amazing interpreter and translator. I have never worked with someone who was so professional, polished, quick, accurate and delightful to work with in a multi-cultural setting. She made everyone feel at ease and the translation was so smooth I did not even feel like someone was translating for me during interviews and discussions – it felt like a very natural dialogue. If I were to be an ambassador to any Latin American country, Mariana would be my absolute first choice to handle all interpretation and translation."

Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Ph.D. - Chief Executive Officer, Danya International, Inc.

"Mariana has been providing quality translation services for the Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) program since 2007. One example of her work includes translating the G.R.E.A.T. instructor's curriculum into Spanish, consisting of approximately 1,500 pages. Not only did she produce a high quality translation project, she also accomplished it under tight time constraints.

The quality of her work has been praised by the native Spanish-speaking people who reference our documents. They have highlighted her creative translation for our acronyms to indicate that she accurately captured the concept. It is also a pleasure to work with her. Her demeanor is always positive and professional, and she is enjoyable to talk to. I do not hesitate recommending her to other organizations. Whoever contracts with her will be pleased."

Ron Doyle - G.R.E.A.T. Program Manager, Institute for Intergovernmental Research

"I was impressed not only by the quality of Ms Hernandez's work, but also by her professionalism. While she had been contracted to interpret for Spanish-English, when it became evident that two of our French-speaking participants needed assistance, Ms Hernandez kindly accepted and provided simultaneous interpretation for French-English throughout the visit although this meant that she was no longer able to take turns with another interpreter who was also contracted to cover Spanish-English. In addition to the formal meetings, Ms Hernandez provided Spanish-English-French interpretation during private conversations as was needed. Some of the meetings lasted much longer than expected, but Ms Hernandez impressed us all by maintaining the quality of her work as well as her pleasant demeanor."

Yuki Takemoto (Ms.) - External Relations Officer, Cosponsor Relations and Governance, Management and External Relations Branch, UNAIDS Geneva

"Amazing" is not a word that should be used lightly; but it's a "perfect description" of your translation work."

Steven Pao, Ph.D. Professor in Food Safety and Microbiology -Virginia State University, Agricultural Research Station

"Ms. Hernandez was contracted by the United Nations in El Salvador for simultaneous interpretation in Spanish, French and English during this mission. Mariana Hernandez did an outstanding job; she managed the technical terminology extremely well and switched with admirable ease between the three languages. I was much impressed with her high professional standards; and have no doubt that Ms. Hernandez did make an important contribution to the success of the mission."

Marijke Wijnroks - Ambassador for HIV/Aids and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

"Mariana was our interpreter for a trip around Peru, interviewing farmers about the impact of climate change. Her translation was incredibly fast and clear, and she was always hardworking and reliable, in often difficult circumstances. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for translation / interpretation services."

Ben Beaumont, Creative Manager, Oxfam, United Kingdom

"Mariana's work is proficient and exact, and her choice of words is the adequate vocabulary for the conference at hand. Her disposition to work as a team member is also very good, quite professional.
She manages the three languages, Spanish, English, French indistinctively."

Ute Jokisch Gaede- President / Founder at Komunicare, S.A. de C.V.

"Our company, I&D CONSULTING, specializes in the implementation of international development program in Central America for cooperation agencies such as USAID, Ms. Hernandez has collaborated with our company as simultaneous interpreter in seminars and conferences. In all instances, Mariana Hernandez has provided us with technical services of the highest professional standards to our fullest satisfaction. After working with Ms. Hernández for several years, I can only recommend the quality of her work, her dedication and diligence in ensuring timeliness and accuracy of her deliverables."

Ivan Séassal - Vice President, I&D CONSULTING, El Salvador, C.A.

"I met Mariana during a law enforcement training class I was teaching in San Salvador, El Salvador in 2010 and again in 2013. She was assigned to translate our class from English to Spanish/French and did an outstanding job in the classroom and during practical exercises. She not only translated the class very well but interacted with the students and staff in a very personal way. I found Mariana to be a great fit for such classes and extremely approachable. Mariana also made herself available after hours to interact with the instructors who were not fluent in Spanish/French. I would not hesitate to utilize Mariana's services in the future and highly recommend her."

Brad Worrell - Drug Enforcement Administration, Special Agent (Retired)

"Mariana, was not only professional, but a wonderful person to work with!
If I had the opportunity, I would hire her full-time!"

katia marchesini - Director of Operations at Energy and Security Group.

"Mariana's work is proficient and exact, and her choice of words is the adequate vocabulary for the conference at hand. Her disposition to work as a team member is also very good, quite professional.
She manages the three languages, Spanish, English, French indistinctively."

Ute Jokisch Gaede- President / Founder at Komunicare, S.A. de C.V.