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Translation samples

#1 English - Spanish Politics translation sample:

"Participation of Women"

Women's representation in politics differs widely, depending on level and party: Among the 178 Proprietarios ("principal") candidates for the National Assembly elections, 36 are female, which represents a total of only 20 percent, out of who even less have a realistic chance to be elected, although this already represents a slight increase in female participation. Nevertheless, there were female candidates running for several important municipalities, such as the current FMLN Mayor and incumbent candidate for San Salvador's Municipality, which is considered the second most important position to be elected for after the president."

"Participación de la Mujer"

"La representación de la mujer en la política varía ampliamente, dependiendo del nivel y del partido: Entre los 178 candidatos Proprietarios ("principales") para las elecciones de la Asamblea Nacional, 36 son mujeres, lo cual representa un total de únicamente 20 por ciento, del cual una cantidad menor aún tiene alguna posibilidad realista de ser elegidas, a pesar de representar un ligero incremento en la participación femenina. Sin embargo, hubo candidatas mujeres presentándose para varias municipalidades importantes, tal como la candidata a alcalde del FMLN y actual titular del cargo; este cargo es considerado ser el segundo más importante después del de Presidente."

What is important?

Politics is always a careful matter; the European Commission Election Observation Mission was particularly concerned about reflecting their neutrality in all the documents they produced, especially the final report. Therefore I had to be extremely careful with my choice of words, and when turning sentences around to fit Spanish style and syntax, so that the intention of the source text would not change.


#2 English - Spanish Social Entrepreneurship translation sample:

"Ghana women's group attains high credentials and premium revenue for organic butter"

"The Kanfihiyilli Shea Women Group, one of the groups assisted during the pilot phase of the Shea project, has succeeded in securing a contract with Savannah Fruits Company (SFC), a shea export company. Kanfihiyilli, with 54 members located in the northern region of Ghana, is earning 170-percent higher revenues for processed organic Shea butter. Since September 2009 the group, having been fully certified by Ecocert to process organic nuts into butter, sold 8.75 tons at $0.36 per kilo to SFC, earning $3,125 in revenue (compared to $0.21 per kilo or $1,837 for conventional butter). We have helped Kanfihiyilli by assisting in the procurement of processing equipment and a processing center, and also by providing business management and quality assurance trainings. Kanfihiyilli has been credited for excellence in processing techniques, which have yielded more than the average amount of butter from the kernels (42 kg of butter processed from 85 kg of kernels), and also for maintaining high quality standards."

"El grupo de mujeres de Ghana obtiene altos credenciales y una prima de ingresos por su mantequilla orgánica"

"El Grupo de Mujeres Kanfihiyilli Shea, uno de los grupos que apoyamos durante la fase piloto del proyecto Shea, logró ganar un contrato con Savannah Fruits Company (SFC), una compañía exportadora de karité (o shea en inglés). Kanfihiyilli, que cuenta con 54 socias ubicadas en la región norte de Ghana, está ganando ingresos 170 por ciento más altos por la mantequilla de karité orgánica que procesa. Desde Septiembre 2009 el grupo, que ha sido integralmente certificado por Ecocert para procesar nueces orgánicas en manteca, ha vendido 8.75 toneladas a $0.36 por kilo a SFC, ganando ingresos de $3,125 (comparado con $0.21 por kilo o $1,837 por mantequilla convencional). Hemos ayudado a Kanfihiyilli en la compra de un centro de procesamiento y del equipo correspondiente, y le hemos brindado capacitaciones en gestión de negocios y en garantía de calidad. Kanfihiyilli ha sido reconocida por sus excelentes técnicas de procesamiento, que han producido una cantidad de manteca superior al promedio obtenido de las nueces (42 kg de manteca procesada de 85 kg de nueces), así como por mantener estándares altos de calidad."

What is important?

This text needs to transmit the data as clearly as possible without losing its triumphant tone. It is important not to lose the enthusiasm conveyed in the story amid the numeric data. Social entrepreneurship is about economic figures, but it is also, if not mostly, about human success.

#3 English - Spanish Environmental translation sample:

"Reducing emissions"

"Belize is in the process of finalizing and submitting its REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) of The World Bank. The Ministry of Forest, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, which is the Ministry leading the REDD+ initiative and has already established a REDD+ Coordinating Unit within the Forest Department. This Unit, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, is undertaking to consult broadly all key stakeholders on the R-PP. Having submitted an initial draft of the R-PP to the FCPF, it has until November 2013 to make a final submission. REDD+ refers to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries; and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries."

"Reducir emisiones"

"Belice está terminando su Propuesta de Preparación (R-PP) REDD+ para presentarla al Fondo Cooperativo para el Carbono de los Bosques (FCPF) del Banco Mundial. El Ministerio de Silvicultura, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible es el órgano rector de la iniciativa REDD+ y ha establecido una Unidad de Coordinación REDD+ dentro del Departamento de Silvicultura. Esta Unidad está llevando a cabo una amplia consulta relativa a la R-PP con todos los participantes, en colaboración con The Nature Conservancy. Ya presentó un borrador inicial de la R-PP al FCPF, y en noviembre 2013 presentará la versión final. Se denomina REDD+ a la reducción de emisiones derivadas de la deforestación y la degradación forestal en los países en desarrollo; además de la conservación, el manejo sostenible y el mejoramiento del stock de carbono de los bosques en los países en desarrollo."

What is important?

In this text, particular attention had to be given to the different acronyms, and I spent quite some time researching the available official documentation to make sure I was giving the best translation to the different terms and titles, both in the context of the government institutions, as well as within the World Bank initiative.