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A brief introduction

I studied Political Sciences because I wanted to change the world, I dreamed of ending hunger and wars and of promoting education, health and freedom. My studies were fascinating to me, I simply loved reading and discussing the current affairs of the world, and I could see all the possibilities to make significant changes. My career was especially interesting because it was so wide, we learned about law, philosophy, statistics, history, current affairs, sociology, geopolitics, and so many more subjects that gave us a true insight of what happens in the big wide world. 

However, after graduation, and a short incursion in my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it became clear that my strongest skills were the different languages that I speak. My multilingual communication skills were very much appreciated and needed everywhere I went, and I realized I could apply them to the pursuit of my original dream, and truly make an impact on the things that mattered most to me.


On World's AIDS day

One of the most meaningful assignments of my life as an interpreter was a three-weeks training in San Salvador, working for ActionAid. I thought I knew so much about AIDS, it turned out I knew very little.

The workshop was about a trainer methodology called Stepping Stones. It was directed to people coming from San Salvador as well as from the rural areas, educated people as well as people with little formal schooling; healthy people, as well as persons living with AIDS.




Mariana Hernandez, English, French and Spanish interpreter and translator My name is Mariana Hernandez; I am a freelance conference interpreter and translator working in English, French and Spanish. I was born and I grew up in Paris, France. Later in life I moved with my family to Latin America, where I eventually started my career, working with international NGOs, United Nations agencies, and private and public sector stakeholders in developing countries. This blog speaks of my work, and the many humanist topics which are close to my heart.



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