The well-prepared interpreter is fearless

This week's interpretation assignment was not an easy one. And this does not mean it was difficult. It means it required preparation. It was actually quite a painless exercise, I had time to prepare myself, to read the presentation and learn the appropriate terminology. My booth mate was competent, professional and kind. The equipment was flawless. The client was sufficiently experienced to make our job stressless.

This is not to say there weren't any challenges, the topic was agriculture - quite specific and almost scientific I would say. The terminology was mostly new and definitely not what my usual clients, and much less I use frequently. The source language was English, but almost every speaker was French, and I think I will not surprise anyone by saying their English was not always smooth and accentless.

But again, the client was exceedingly smart and well prepared. I received almost every presentation with enough time to read them, understand them and do whatever research necessary. The few presentations that we received at the last minute held no surprises, no new terms, and no new topics. A well prepared client wants a well prepared interpreter, and a well prepared interpreter has no fear.

This event turned out to be a big success for everyone involved!

 no fear