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On World's AIDS day

One of the most meaningful assignments of my life as an interpreter was a three-weeks training in San Salvador, working for ActionAid. I thought I knew so much about AIDS, it turned out I knew very little.

The workshop was about a trainer methodology called Stepping Stones. It was directed to people coming from San Salvador as well as from the rural areas, educated people as well as people with little formal schooling; healthy people, as well as persons living with AIDS.

Are you a feminist?

I was deeply touched by Emma Watson's recent speech on feminism to the UN as Goodwill Ambassador. This was not only because I am a woman, nor was it only due to the fact that I have lived most of my adult life in a developing country where gender inequality is overwhelmingly present in our daily lives. Mainly, it moved me because it reminded me of the day I realized I was a feminist.

I was one of the interpreters working in a Gender and Diversity workshop in Bangkok, and the facilitators of the workshop asked us to integrate the workshop and participate as well as interpret. One of the main facilitators was the amazing Kamla Bhasin, and she was going to change the way I looked at things and at myself, as a woman.



Mariana Hernandez, English, French and Spanish interpreter and translatorSoy Mariana Hernández, intérprete de conferencia y traductora en español, inglés y francés. Nací y crecí en París, Francia; luego me mudé con mi familia a Latinoamérica donde más tarde inicié mi carrera, trabajando con ONGs internacionales, agencias de las Naciones Unidas, así como con actores de los sectores público y privado de países en vías de desarrollo. Este blog es acerca de mi trabajo, y de los muchos temas humanistas que son importantes para mí.




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